"Grit & Grace.co" was created in 2013 by Aisling Grace. The name evolved from a quote in a book which was shared amongest all the women in her family: the book was called “Simple Abundance”. Aisling recieved her copy whilst she was living away from her loved ones in Vancouver. During this busy and fun filled year, the qoute “There is nothing that true grit and amazing grace cannot overcome” became the maxim to live her life by. Canada was Aisling truly began to understand and love herself: it is also where she met her best friends and her true love & husband, Jeremiah.

"Grit & Grace.co" is the product of Aisling Grace’s dream, love, passion and grit, richly inspired by her life experiences, people who have touched life and her perception of beauty that ebbs and flows throughout each day. Aisling’s unique jewellery is her mark on the world, one in which she can express herself freely and creatively. Her hope is that people will cherish her jewellery and wear it with pride, grit & grace.